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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Birthday Girls!!

We had a great time down with Primrose & Maggie for their first birthday, they were full of fun and enjoyed riding on their new trikes. We went swimming on the day because it was raining and then enjoyed a busy party with lots of friends two days later

Getting a picture of them in their dresses that wasn't out of focus was easier said than done!


Needled Mom said...

Oh my, but they are cute! They must be identical as they certainly look a lot alike. Happy birthday to both of them.

lindsey said...

Thank you! Yes they are identical although we can usually tell them apart. Maggie was nearly 8lbs and Primrose 7 1/2lbs when they were born and although they are the same height they have stayed different weights.

Valerie said...

There are no words. priceless!