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Monday, 11 February 2008

More quilts & Family stuff

Well today is our day off.. Sunday's are pretty hectic, we have begun an outreach in the local leisure centre in the afternoon between the morning and evening services at church. On Mondays we usually go out so we are away from the telephone!
Amy & Andy's wedding quilt Primrose & Magnolia's Quilts
Today we have done some hedge trimming and I will do some quilting this afternoon. I have just begun a quilt group at our church so I have to keep up with sewing so I don't lag behind the rest of the group!

Next week I will be on half term break from school (I teach pre school children with special needs) so we are off down to Devon to visit Amy & Andy and our baby granddaughters, I cant wait!

Our eldest daughter Vashti and her husband Martin live in South Africa, they are missionaries, if you are interested please check out their website They were over with their adopted sons Joseph & Jesse for Christmas

Our eldest son Ben works as a photographer in London and our youngest, Dominic is getting married to Alice in September.

I am reading a book at the moment by Warren Wiersbe called 'Be Encouraged' its a study on 2 Corinthians, this is what I read this morning from 2Cor 12:7-8 'The Lord knows how to balance our lives. If we have only blessings, we may become proud; so He permits us to have burdens as well. Paul's great experience in heaven could have ruined his ministry on earth; so Go, in His goodness, permitted Satan to buffet Paul in order to keep him from becoming proud.' We have had a number of difficulites in the past and I can testify to this fact..that God is always in control, He always upholds us through those difficult times and brings us out the other side having learnt more and been able to trust Him more...if we just hang on to the fact that He is the Almighty!

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Gardener Greg said...

Nice work on those quilts. I can crochet but that is about as far as my inside tallents go. I am more into woodworking and gardening.
I found you through your first post on Susan's blog so I decided to drop in and see what you are all about. May I say welcome to blogworld from a neighbor across the water. If you check out my blog you will see what England looks like from over here. :)

Keep on blogging. It is a great way to spread the Word of God. Remember: "If good people remain silent then all others hear is evil"